Meet Our Teachers

Zach Burnett, Teacher, Summer 2009 and 2010
“Teaching with Breakthrough has given me such a strong sense of responsibility and commitment to educational equality.  I watch my students flex their academic muscle and take such great, positive risks, all while they are growing up into bright young adults, ready to enact change in their communities; teaching with this program truly is one of the greatest experiences one can have in high school or college!” – Zach

Zach graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelors degree in Linguistics and Spanish in 2010. He taught for two summers with Breakthrough Austin.

Will Jaramillo, Mentor Teacher, Summer 2010

“Since college, I knew that I wanted to serve the community as an educator. When I challenge students to think critically and complete problems that they feel are beyond their comprehension, they become enlightened and empowered. As a teacher, I am grateful for the opportunity to not only help students gain an appreciation for the aesthetics of mathematics, but also my role of helping students become better people in this world.” – Will

Will has taught Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, and Advanced Math Reasoning at Austin High School.

Robyn Attebury, Mentor Teacher, Summer 2010

“Mentor teaching at Breakthrough was challenging and delightful! I worked with a diverse group of nine brilliant high school and college-aged teachers to support Breakthrough middle school students. I admired the dedication and creativity these teachers put into helping their students learn how to write narrative essays, delve into the community novel, and perform monologues. Also, the English teachers sure know how to dance interpretively!” – Robyn

Robyn taught English at Johnston High School for two years. Before becoming a Mentor Teacher in the 2010 Summer Program at Breakthrough Austin, Robyn was a Summer Teaching Intern for two summers at the Norfolk Breakthrough site. Robyn also formerly served as Breakthrough’s Volunteer & College Persistence Coordinator.

Rachel McDaniel, Teacher, Summer 2010

“Being on the 2010 Breakthrough Austin Summer Faculty was such an incredible experience. Never have I been on a team where I was so impressed with the raw talent and passion of each member. And the students are absolutely inspiring! You could tell that they had a will to succeed and I was more than happy to help them along the way.” – Rachel

Rachel began working with Breakthrough Austin in the summer of 2010 as a Plan II Honors and Spanish major at the University of Texas.


Christy Torres, Breakthrough Student, Teacher, Summer 2009 and 2010

“Teaching at Breakthrough changed my life. I’ve always wanted to work at SeaWorld, but now, I also want to teach! It’s not just the passion for teaching that brings me back every year, but the students who inspire me every day who make all the hard work worth it.” – Christy

Christy joined Breakthrough as a student in 2004. She attends Texas State, studying Psychology and Mathematics. She has been a teacher with the Breakthrough Summer Program since 2009.

Lyn Loeffler, Mentor Teacher, Summer 2010

“My time as a mentor Social Studies teacher has been motivating, challenging, and rewarding.  It is such a boost to see young teachers and students strive to excel.  The rewards I experience and the new teaching techniques I observe let me know that our future is in good hands.  I’m always impressed with the energy that both students and teachers bring to the summer program day after day.  Breakthrough’s impact will last years after many of us have moved on.” – Lyn

Lyn joined Breakthrough in 2008 as the co-director of the 9th Grade Summer Program. In Summer 2010, he returned to serve as a Summer Program Mentor Teacher. During the school year, Lyn works as a teacher and tennis coach at Anderson High School in Austin, TX.