Meet Our Students



“The Summer Program at Breakthrough gave me the curiosity to learn. College was no longer an ambiguous thought but became a tangible goal.” -Lukas


“My four years of high school were very rigorous…Breakthrough stepped in and pushed me to dig deep within my values to overcome these hardships. This proved to me that I can achieve my goals and I am college material…Even though there were times I lost faith in my studies and beliefs Breakthrough never lost faith in me.” – Cinnamon


“I used to be amazingly shy. I couldn’t even correct people who mispronounced my name. But I distinctly remember having to stand on the big stage in Welch auditorium, as the director on the other side of the room urged me to speak ever louder and louder. Breakthrough literally helped me find my voice.” – Jasmin



“Breakthrough has always provided an environment where I can think and work with people that can help me. They know where I want to end up, which is college.” – Sheldon



“The first time I heard about Breakthrough was in my 6th grade science class…I could tell this was something I had to a part of. Some kids drag their heels when it comes to their education. Well I dragged my mother to meet with the Breakthrough team!” – Esteban



“For the first time in my life, there is always somebody asking me about my first day of school or if I’ve done my homework. When my college recommendations were due, I realized I didn’t have any stamps, let alone the money or a car to go buy them. I called Breakthrough and Andrea rushed stamps over to my house in the middle of a rain storm.” – Alicia


“I would never have known this opportunity were out there for me if it were not for Breakthrough. I’ve never been on a plane or outside of Texas. I’m nervous and yet excited to step outside of my comfort zone and try something new and challenging.” – Aaron, on his acceptance into The School for Ethics and Global Leadership (SEGL)