Volunteer Opportunities

Breakthrough offers a variety of opportunities throughout the year to get involved. Based on the different opportunities, all volunteers will be given initial trainings and tips to help guide them through the volunteer process and experience. Please note, Breakthrough volunteer opportunities take place at a variety of locations in addition to the Breakthrough office. Therefore, reliable transportation is required.

Academic Coaches (year round): Work directly with a specific middle or high school student to support their academic progress. Possible activities may include:  meeting with the student once a week during lunch or after school at their campus, encouraging good study habits and organization, tutoring if able, helping student research high school or college options, and communicating regularly with the Breakthrough Case Manager about the student’s academic progress.

Level of commitment:  Once or twice a week for an hour over the course of a semester or school year. Meetings take place at the student’s school or the Breakthrough office. The number of hours varies depending on the student’s academic needs.

Availability: Monday through Friday during after school hours (between 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm)

After School Homework Helpers or Tutors (fall & spring): Help students build their academic skills by providing them with the tools to be successful students. Possible activities may include:  helping student study for a math quiz or understand a science problem, or motivating a student to meet deadlines on time and keep up their grades.

Level of commitment: Successful homework helpers and tutors commit to a once a week schedule to tutor students during after-school hours at Breakthrough office or at a school campus.

Availability: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at the Breakthrough office or Mondays through Thursdays at school campuses in Austin. Volunteer shifts are usually 1 – 2 hours each session.

High School or College Application Coaches (fall & early spring): Support our students by reviewing their high school and college applications. Possible activities may include:  offering application feedback, guiding student through essay writing and revision process, and keeping students on a step-by-step timeline for achieving these goals, and assisting student applicant and their family at one or more fall workshop events.

Level of commitment: Successful Application Coaches meet with student or multiple students once a week, either at the Breakthrough office or at a student’s school. Application Coaches help students meet submission deadlines by breaking down steps to meet the application goals.

Availability: Students and Application Coaches will agree on meeting days and times based on their shared availability. Typically, Application Coaches meet students during after school hours at the Breakthrough office.

Design & Media Volunteers (year round): Breakthrough needs a few project-based volunteers to help create recruitment brochures, revise and edit articles for newsletters and the website, and format layouts. Volunteers are also needed to update our website with new articles, events, and announcements. We are in particular need for a volunteer with knowledge of WordPress website design or video production.

Project and Special Events Supporters (year round): Provide critical support to a host of projects and events such as celebrations and workshops throughout the year. This opportunity is especially convenient for tutors looking for a shorter-term commitment, a more flexible schedule, or a particular project to support.

Administrative Assistants (year round): Support Breakthrough staff with daily tasks, projects, outreach to families, workshop planning and resource preparation. Successful associates commit to a regular weekly schedule; however, the number of hours varies depending on the schedule of the volunteer.